Black Spinel

Meaning & History – Black Spinel

black spinel


Black spinel stone is rare stone made of solid vitreous carnallite aluminum oxide or Mg aluminate. Specifically, black spinel is one which is the rarest minerals that comes from the spinel family and is a true gem frequently confused with black tourmaline. At a similar time, it’s one in every of the most mysterious ones.

Spinel usually happens as little octahedron-shaped crystals that are usually twin. This is the Birthstone for August.

It represents sharp, or needle-like formations. we all know the traditional Greeks and Romans valued spinel because of its sparkling colors. it’s one in every of the most precious gems and is extremely rare. generally miners find this stone in the variety of giant crystals. it’s 8 on the hardness scale. The un-frozing point of spinel is an incredible 3875 °F, an surprisingly high temperature!

black spinelSpinel comes from the Latin word, “spina”, which means “spine” and describes the sharp, needle-like formations that make spinel crystals.  Most Spinels were originally mistaken for precious gems, like Rubies and Sapphires. Black spinel is typically mined along with ruby and sapphire, that is why they share so many similar properties.

Spinel is most commonly found and mined in Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. although traces of spinel are found across Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nepal and Nigeria.


Healing Properties :-

black spinelEach Crystal activates and works with sure chakra and so does the Black Spinel stone. It activates the root Chakra, that is the center of the Kundalini energy. Once all chakras activated, it’s only a matter of your time to get pleasure from a balanced body, mind and spirit.

This gemstone has a powerful energy in it. it’s extremely evaluated among healers around the world. Black spinel is said to resolve all the root causes of all the physical, emotional and religious imbalances. It is beneficial to bring out limitless opportunities.


“Spinel is a stone that will help get rid of your body’s toxins and wastes, both in the physical and energetic sense”

it’ll assist you win success with humility, and it’ll assist you accept your failures with optimism.

It’s a wonderful stone to own once you have low self-esteem or low self-assurance because you’ll have stronger religion in all that you simply can do and achieve!



Gemological Properties

Chemical Formula: MgAl2O4
 Color:  Black
 Hardness: 7.5–8.0
 Luster: Vitreous
 Density: 3.57 – 3.72, Average = 3.64
 Specific Gravity: (depending on the composition) the rare, Zn-rich spinel can be as high as 4.40, otherwise it averages from 3.58 to 3.61
Diaphaneity: Transparent to opaque
Fluorescence: Bright Blue, Chalky Green or Red 


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