Tanzanite Stone

It is very Lovely and colorful Stone. This Blue or Generally violet stone’s Birthplace is Tanzania(Africa). Its one in every of the rarest stone on the planet and one in every of the foremost undervalued relative to its rarity.
This is the Birthstone of December Month. Chakra Healing and equalization Energy are its Quality.  Tanzanite rough found largely in Blue, purple, green and yellow color.
This Stone Use In Jewelry, Necklaces with 925 sterling silver Bracelet And Gold Kundan – Meena Jewelry . The stone was given the name ‘Tanzanite‘ by Tiffany & Co. after Tanzania, the country in which it was discovered. This stone is 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale that runs from 1-10.

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3-4mm Natural Tanzanite Faceted Rondelle Gemstone Beads Strand


Tanzanite Black Oxidized Rosary Gemstone Beaded Chain


Tanzanite Rosary Style Beaded Gold Chain Gemstone

$30.99 $15.92

Tanzanite Rosary Style Gemstone Beaded Gold Chain

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